Tommy Craggs Is An Aesthete, A Connoisseur, And A Visionary

I have dedicated much of my life to music—to the rituals that surround it, to the powerful feelings it invokes in hearts and brains and bodies large and small, in empathetic deep-thinkers and total dickheads alike. Whether in concert or via tastefully appointed home stereo systems, I have witnessed friends, enemies,… » 1/09/15 1:58pm 1/09/15 1:58pm

The "Who Is Paul McCartney?" Meme Is Now Infecting TV News 

So on New Year's Eve, Kanye West released "Only One," a lovely little electric-piano jam about his daughter, as seen through the eyes of his dearly departed mother. It's pretty sweet! It was also tagged "featuring Paul McCartney," which has compelled Twitter to bug the fuck out, and now compelled TV news people to… » 1/05/15 5:41pm 1/05/15 5:41pm