The Concourse started as a vague, embryonic thing: "Throw shit at the wall and see what sticks" was more or less my initial job description. I agree that the backbone should be established writers here—not just naturally Concourse-oriented folks like Drew, Albert, Will, and Jolie, but the "sports people" here getting… » 7/28/14 5:45pm 44 minutes ago

"Next Week ... Is My Seventh Funeral For Someone Younger Than Me"

Drew Magary's piece this week on over-competitive kids (and parents) mentioned Fairfax, Va.'s prestigious W.T. Woodson High School, where six students have committed suicide in the past three years. Below is a lengthy, remarkable letter we've received from Ryan Mull, a recent Woodson graduate. » 7/17/14 1:10pm 7/17/14 1:10pm

Here Is A Third-Grader's Drawing Of A Chicken Jerking Off A Horse

Drew Magary's Dadspin piece today about parents obsessed with making their children more "competitive" has inspired some excellent Kinja chatter, but nothing is going to top what you see to the left, which is, as noted above, a child's drawing of a chicken giving a horse a handjob. For the backstory, we now turn to… » 7/15/14 5:48pm 7/15/14 5:48pm